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Standing at six-foot-five, adorned in polyester, with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes, Texas-born musician John Evans is hard to miss when he takes the stage. Big hair, horn-rimmed glasses, bell-bottoms and vintage cowboy boots may be part of his iconic look, but it’s his contagious energy and memorable sound that captures the audience. As a performer, if Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello were to have a love child, John Evans might just be it. But it is also his songwriting that has built his legacy over the past 20 years as a troubadour in the great state of Texas. Music runs deep in this man’s blood, and with just a tiny bit of whiskey to make it flow even better, Evans is embarking on a new album and a new chapter that will go down easy, with or without a shot.


Lew Card is not just a songwriter, he is a song.

He is a story.

Born the son of a wealthy business man in the hills of East Tennessee, he had it all laid out for him.  A legacy, riches, romance, country club swimming pools, the top tier of the social elite. But after a brief modeling career in the early nineties he made the decision to leave it all behind to make hundreds of dollars a year in the music business.

He grinded for countless hours over his craft. Holed up in his bedroom smoking weed and listening to the likes of Bill Monroe and Neil Young for days on end. It was there where he would learn to emulate the different styles of pickin’ and lyric. For years, this proved to be a bountiful experience, albeit not a profitable one.

Enter Texas. Joining the circus in Austin for most of the beginning of the new millennium, Lew really learned how to incorporate its techniques into the business of music.  The illusion of magic, mystery,  grand scale, and good plain ole’ trickery was just what he needed to skyrocket his career.

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