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Buenos Diaz released its 4th studio recording entitled Gringo Novelas this month on May 22, 2018. When I originally began recording these songs, I thought I was just recording some demos in my bedroom, but what began as demo sessions soon turned into full studio recordings and in the summer of 2016 I invited Greg Clifford over to lay some drums down. Over 7 weeks we tracked drums for about 30 songs in my studio using minimal mic techniques. After it was all done, I started to ask myself “Why spend a bunch of money RE-RECORDING all of this stuff in an expensive studio? So I buckled down and began tracking some new parts to Greg’s drum tracks, because that’s where the foundation of music lies, in the rhythm with the drums. Some original “demo” parts remained completely intact, a vocal here, a bass line there, some rhythm guitar parts. Once the songs began to take shape I invited Mike Saint Clair over to lay some keyboards down and really bring it home. Once everything was mixed, I found an old Tascam Ministudio Porta02 MKII cassette machine on eBay and ran the 2 track mixes through High Bias cassette tape for some sonic flare and color. Afterwards, Kevin Blacker of Blackler Mastering in Brooklyn, NY gave it the final stamp of approval. From demos, to studio recordings, and Hi-Fi recording to Lo-Fi analog cassette tape, Gringo Novelas is now out.


In response to her quarter life crisis, singer-songwriter Daisy O’Connor quit her career in social work and hit the road to write songs, live simply, and “do be do” what she loves today. 

“Music saved my life, reaching my darkest moments and reminding me I’m not alone. I want to shine that light back.”  An engaging, humorous, and candid performer, Daisy prefers to perform solo – folksinger style- and tours as much as she can, always taking the road less travelled.  

Daisy’s debut full length album “Lightchasers” (released February 2017) mixes indie folk, rock, psych, americana, country and pop into a soothing groove that’s all her own: quirky, captivating, cleverly queer, and crooning. 

Home schooled Catholic in the country, young Daisy saved money to buy her first guitar by selling sheep and taught herself how to play in her unheated attic bedroom. Daisy went to college at 16, keeping music a bedroom hobby. Post-college Daisy spent 5 years working with women on the run from love gone wrong at a rural domestic violence shelter. During that time, Daisy met blue collar songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov, who inspired her to start writing songs.  A native of Washington state, Daisy found rich songwriting soil in Texas and now calls Austin home. In 2014, Daisy self-published the “Do Be Do” EP, which quickly established her in the Austin music community, earning media attention, radio play, and a growing global fanbase. Daisy co-wrote the title track with legendary songwriter Steve Poltz, who wrote hit songs with Jewel (including “You Were Meant For Me” which is one of the first songs Daisy learned to play on guitar.) It’s a small world indeed.

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