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The first single from the self-titled release Brandon Rhyder explores the complexities of relationships and the push and pull that somehow seems to make it all work. “The Way They Need Each Other,” a collaboration written and performed with singer-songwriter Lori McKenna, sets the tone for the new release, four years in the making for Rhyder.

The collection of songs is both reminiscent of the man that fans have come to love, while providing a new depth of emotion garnered from trials and tribulations felt in recent years.

“When you ponder the deeper questions: who am I as a husband, father, songwriter and musician? It both humbles and inspires. And you can’t answer those questions in a rush…”

Almost apologetically, Rhyder addresses the four-year hiatus from studio activity. “I had to step back and rethink who I was and what I was doing. I needed to clear my mind and take a break from the day-to-day business for a while. And it was the best thing I could have ever done,” he explains. “In that time, I feel I’ve evolved, grown and realized it’s not just about me, or even about my wife Kelli and I. It’s about family, relationship, legacy. The big things.”

There’s no doubt that this record is Rhyder’s line in the sand. A fresh resolve from a 15-year veteran of the road. “If I’m completely honest, I had to decide, for myself and my family, if this line of work is where I’m spending the rest of my working days. This collection of songs is my answer.”

The 10-track album is receiving positive early reviews, professing this as Brandon’s best work and drawing comparison to the critically acclaimed Conviction.

Conviction was the one that was either going to work or not. This new record comes from the same place.”

Brandon Rhyder is slated for July 14 release, and was produced by industry stalwart, mentor and friend Walt Wilkins. It is the third installment from the pair who also worked in tandem on 2006’s Conviction and 2010’s Head Above Water.

The new CD includes four co-writes with revered songsmiths including Keith Gattis, Michael Hearne, Bri Bagwell and multiple Grammy-winner Lori McKenna.

In the face of so much writing prowess it may be the six tracks written by Ryhder himself that are the most telling. Lyrics and delivery from a heart made bare. Brandon Rhyder is the soundtrack born at the crossroads of life and is a thoughtful chronicle of universal experience.

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“Backed by Leonard the Band, and supported with female backing vocals (Melanie A. Davis) McAfee from Western Kentucky rolled out a set of tunes rooted in easy folk-rock, in the vein of early Wilco. McAfee’s singing and songwriting is the clear focal point as it possesses a sense of darkness and gloom even when the support is sprightly”. — Live NYC Show Review from Glide

Fate began his music career with a pick-worn guitar he bought from a pawn shop, busking the sidewalks of Denver, Austin, New Orleans and Nashville and working side jobs when he could. One day a laborer, the next a carpenter, the next a valet. He spent time as a deckhand on the lineboats that took him up and down the Mississippi River. Equally restless and observant – Fate was always mindful of his interactions with everyone he met, who came from all walks of life. Their lessons, wisdom and experience spilled into the songs that became Diesel Palomino the follow up to his 2017 self release record, Little Bill and the Late Fees.

Recorded at Loud and Clear Studios in Paducah, KY with the help of Shelby Preklas and S. Knox Montgomery and backed by Paducah group, Leonard the Band (Brian Rader, Zack Winding, Adam Rader, and Taylor Rader), Diesel Palomino has already drawn comparisons as diverse as work of Wilco, The War on Drugs, and Nick Drake. 

Expansive beyond its seven tracks, the new album also shares tales of personal tragedy, loss, growth and inner reflection. At times a dark interpretation of a contemporary Mid-South existence, his sharp witted vignettes are often autobiographical, based on events from his turbulent childhood and formative teenage years. From the sun-beaten car carrying strung out, heartbroken characters across the desert (“Stars of Tucumcari”) to a coquettish encounter with a religious woman (“Preacherwoman Blues”), Fate draws on life experiences that seem enriched and testing beyond his 26 years.


Emanating from the low hills of western Kentucky are the unmistakable songs of Melanie Davis. A thespian at heart, her ability to craft tunes that are  simultaneously poignant and liberating is steeped in an appreciation for the nuances of human relationships. Whether it’s contemplating the potential of her immediate community or considering her own vices and tendencies, she never shies away from the glaring truths therein. Her stage experience translates into a captivating live performance that leaves the listener hanging with each line. She can deliver complex phrases that speak to neuroses we all understand, all within a fresh wave of jazz-inspired folk arrangements that seem to emphasize the range of emotions she describes. With an inimitable voice and a terrific sense of unique rhythms on the guitar, she has created a truly original sound within the vibrant scene of Murray, KY, and the surrounding area.

Melanie is currently recording her first full length studio album at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN. Apart from performing and writing, Melanie also works as a Music + Operations Assistant at NPR affiliate, WKMS Murray.

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