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As a child, my mother who played classical piano, got my two sisters and I to sing 3-part harmony on three songs whenever “Company” came over. We sang Sentimental Journey, Hey Little School Girl and that rousing hit, Ling, Ting, Tong.  That set off my musical career.

Wrecks Bell and Dale Soffar came to the Flea Market just off Market Square where I owned The Lamplight Smoke Shop. They invited me to come over and listen to the music at The Old Quarter (Houston).  This was their club and had just opened it. They would have “Jam Sessions” during the day and everyone would sing. It was wonderful! Then, Wrecks, Townes   (Van Zandt)  and Dale Soffar convinced me that I needed to learn to play guitar, so I could accompany myself. The bug really bit me!

I really tried to become a star and played frequently at Anderson Fair and Rockefellers in Houston, not to mention a variety of other gigs in the Houston area. I taught guitar at community centers and private establishments. I decided that I needed to eat so I went to College at North Texas and got a degree in Music and General Education.

For 21 years I taught music and continued teaching privately. I did some community theater gigs as the musician and did occasionally play in a music venue. Wrecks and I maintained our relationship and one day, as we were conversing on the computer we decided to meet up at The Old Quarter (Galveston). The next year We married! So now I am retired from teaching and I sing with Wrecks and he plays bass with me. You can usually hear us on open mic nights at The Old Quarter. As far as the style of music I play, I have played Bluegrass, Folk, Ragtime and a mix of Jazz with the songs I compose. I love music!



A native of SE Texas, Julie Weir has been seeped in the rhythm of the culture throughout her years, absorbing its sound into her own body of work.  Adept at 6 string, 12 string, and ukulele, Julie’s commanding vocals takes the stage presence of any room.  Bringing her life experience to the relaxed and welcoming quality of songwriting and stage performance, Julie delivers a captivating exhibition of warmth and mirth.

A veteran of Texas music festivals and as a regular at esoteric venues and numerous jam sessions across the coastal region of the state, Julie offers a bright, lively, and endearing celebration of life and song.  Favoring her 12 string Martin (which she calls Marty), Julie can deliver a crowd absorbing good time in small to medium venues, delivering a mix of original and popular Texas cover tunes, with audiences leaving with a smile.



Cheryl Cawood Bobbitt is a Singer/Songwriter and Musician playing Acoustic and Bass Guitars, and Upright Bass.

Her roots run deep in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky though she grew up in Covington, Kentucky near the Ohio River. She performed on the Greater Cincinnati Area music scene for many years covering multiple genres.  One of the coolest moments has been getting air play on local Cincinnati radio stations, WNKU and WAIF with the iconic Folk-A-Punk-A-Rock-A-Billy band “The Flock”.  She recorded multiple cuts on their original album ‘Recovering Catholics’.  Hanging out with prolific songwriter David Gilligan inspired her to be more serious about her own songwriting.  Being an active member of the Cincinnati/Dayton NSAI Chapter for several years also brought tons of education and inspiration to become a better writer.  

Jack Saunders of White Cat Studios in Houston is producing her solo CD as we speak.  This endeavor brings collective insight into a very real person and a vivid collection of some of the stories that framed her life. Her thoughts on songwriters who have been influential: “If the lyric writing is good and the music moves my internal life magnet, then my body will probably go into auto-attraction pilot mode, right?!!” 

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