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Raised by a family of ranchers and fine art purveyors in Albany, Texas, singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeremy Nail has made his home in Austin, Texas for over a decade. 

The songs on Nail’s internationally acclaimed record, My Mountain (2016), produced by rock icon Alejandro Escovedo, conveyed an intensely personal journey that stemmed from Nail’s battle with a rare form of cancer (Sarcoma) in which one of his legs had to be amputated.  My Mountain was nominated by the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards in the alt-country album category; Austin-American Statesmen deemed Nail “Artist of the Month” in May 2016; and the raves poured in from both sides of the pond. Elmore Magazine put it this way: “Nail’s sound is superbly profound, dancing along the lines of Ryan Bingham and a Stetson-clad Beck.” 

Jeremy Nail continues to forge his trail of meaningful songs in the world, transcending time and place and morphing joy, pain and poison into grace and artistry. His new record Live Oak (2018), drops on August 17, 2018Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle wrote:“Pastoral and poetic, the new album finds the native Texan ever reflective and resilient, breathing in life’s landscapes, literal and figurative, and exhaling a peaceful sense of place.”

Prior to recording Live Oak and My Mountain, Nail also played guitar and wrote songs in several Austin bands including Dustin Welch, The Sideshow Tragedy and Liars and Saints (with Johnny Goudie and Kacy Crowley). His debut album Letter (2008) was hailed by the Austin Chronicle as “a diverse, gripping listen, one that’s centered around his ability to capture waking moments with intensity.”


If you’ve been wondering, “Where are all the good lion-wrestling, Buddhist monk, Americana singer-songwriters?” It’s time you meet Bill Bloomer. The singer, guitarist and songwriter is keeping the troubadour tradition alive, performing on two or three continents a year. He may be playing at a festival in Terlingua one month, and then busking in France on the way to festivals in the United Kingdom and house concerts in Scandinavia.  So what does he sound like? Sinewy guitar lines played on a vintage 1930 “The Gibson,” melodies that stick to your ribs, lyrics that can evoke a laugh or a tear (sometimes in the same song) and a voice like bourbon; strong, bracing and with a sweet tinge of honey in songs telling a story like the whisper of a friend. 

Speaking of voices, just get a load of the talk Bloomer has generated:

“I never heard anyone sing like that” (Rambling Jack Elliott)

“Bill Bloomer; the last of the hipsters” (Eric Andersen)

“So many great songs. For years I’ve waited for someone to come along with the mojo” (Butch Hancock)

“My favorite songwriter in the whole world…true story. Bill Bloomer is the real deal” (Dave Carter)

“I’ve been listening to Bill Bloomer’s cd-I like it” (Tracy Grammer)

“I listened to your cd …never sell that guitar” (Greg Brown)

“You were great . have so many good songs” (Victoria Williams).

“I like Bill Bloomer.  He’s different from the rest of the so called troubadours doing the rounds today. I like to think of Bill as a journeyman musician. You never where or when he’ll pop up in your neighborhood. His is not your regular country music. In fact if you’re looking for a pretty boy Nashville set, then this ain’t for you. Bill digs deeper into the soul.  His deep baritone voice comes from years of rambling across the planet. From the muddy banks of the Rio Grande to the Outback of Australia (where he worked on a cattle ranch the size of a small European country) .Bill’s done the hard yards in life.

Like I said , you’ll never know where he’ll pop up next. From Texas to Thailand,  Tokyo to Manila, all the regular places Nashville don’t go. Personally I would like to see Bill in Texas.  I think that’s where his heart is. Terlingua and the Tex-Mex borderlands.  But hell, I’d like to see Bill play anywhere. Nestled in the French countryside,  home of the original troubadour, Bill Bloomer has found his place in music. Check out his new record  “Jubilee”. You won’t be disappointed. You might just be converted to the wonderful world of this wandering minstrel.”

(Texas Dave McGarry)

Bloomer was born in Galesburg, Illinois, a descendent of Albert Sidney Johnston (general in three armies; Texian, U.S. and Confederate). Wyatt Earp and Carl Sandburg also hailed from Galesburg, and Bloomer has brought the cowboy and the poet together in one package. As a youth, he met Hunter S. Thompson while wrestling a nine-month-old lion at a “Wild West Show.” This evolved into a rodeo career, where he was nominated for rookie-of-the-year in bareback bronc riding by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Unlike today’s auto-tuned, synthesized “country” artists, Bloomer’s cowboy hat isn’t a prop or affectation, it’s literally part of the narrative.

A serious injury ended his rodeo career. Encouraged by family friend Steve Goodman, the cowboy picked up a guitar at age 36 and began his musical journey (the late-blooming guitarist now has an endorsement deal with K&K Pickups). His travels brought him to Portland, where Bloomer was active in the Portland Songwriters Association, winning an unprecedented  three awards in two years in the PSA’d International  songwriting competition.

From the U.S., the singer resided for 11 years  in Thailand, where he played his music, detoxed from

Bloomer, an ordained Tudong Forest Monk.

painkillers at a Budhist temple, became an “adopted uncle” to children  of the nomadic Moken people and was ordained as a “forest monk.” Next was a stint in France, with regular trips to the U.S., where he has opened for the likes of Rambling Jack Elliott and Butch Hancock.

Over the years he’s recorded four albums :

“Temple Dogs ” 1998.

“Salt”  2002

“Cicada”  2016

“JUBILEE” 2018

 Friends of high acclaim contributed to the new CD the industry is abuzz about. A collection of originals filled with mirth, depth and universal appeal. Like the legendary Utah Phillips, Bloomer has backed up his commitment to a healthy planet. He’s lived and made a positive environmental impact on 4 continents. Recently Bill went the distance again by leaving the organic vegetable operations in Provence France to record Jubilee . Though sustaining a broken back while recording Temple Dogs and a reinjury during the Salt sessions he performed as many as 50 dates in 4 months in Chiang Mai and created an organic compost business 4 hours away commuting weekly by motorcycle in Northwest Thailand. Then went west again to win fans in Europe.

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