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Jana Pochop (the ‘h’ is silent) began her vastly diverse career as an independent singer-songwriter when, as a child, she asked for a drum kit and her parents got her a guitar instead. She discovered Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin at the age of 11 and found a beautiful purpose for that guitar. Her instinct for deep grooves and poignant lyrics are obvious on her most recent musical offerings, onetwothreescream’s Lit released in 2018, her 2017 singles, and her 2014 EP Throats Are Quarries. Jana combines her gifts; lyrics that are as fearless as they are vulnerable, as skeptical as they are hopeful – woven into beautiful and fully fleshed arrangements.


Shawnee Kilgore is an Austin, TX singer-songwriter living a crowd-funding fairy tale.

In 2014, Shawnee launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her fourth solo album, A Long and Precious Road. In her video message to potential backers, a tribute to Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, she held up a card that said “I’m learning to ask for help.” This vulnerable and honest phrase struck a chord for one particular music fan perusing Kickstarter projects on his rare off time — Joss Whedon. Whedon, one of Hollywood’s most prominent directors (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Avengers) loved Shawnee’s music and her voice, and backed the project, taking the first step towards what would become the unlikeliest of creative partnerships. A few days later he emailed to say he couldn’t get her song out of his head, and wondered if she would be interested in working on a co-write with him. After a mere four months they put out their song “Big Giant Me” as a single. “It was so clear that we were speaking the same language,” Joss said, “It’s been a little bit magical.”

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