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20$ @ the door

Samantha “Sam” Banks is an amazing percussionist and longtime drummer for Ruthie Foster. She is a true musician since she was a kid at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, and majoring in music in college. Her career ranges from her jazz band called Yasheed to church on Sundays to the international stage with Ruthie and other touring artists. She is a favorite with audiences, known for her big smile, big heart, beautiful soul and incredible artistry with drums, percussion instruments and spoons! Ruthie calls her “the heartbeat of our band”.

Friday, February 23, 2018, Sam suffered a sudden and major brain bleed that has her now in the Neuro ICU in the Texas Medical Center. At this point, doctors are still assessing the impacts to her.

Sam’s daughter Briana and mom Ms. Betty have been by her side since that devastating evening. Like too many musicians, Sam is underinsured—in fact, she has none. So her friends have started this site to help her and her family with the overwhelming expenses incurred and yet to come.

The money raised for Sam will help her family with:

·       Medical and Therapy expenses

·       Medical supplies needed for her recovery and care

·       Daily care and support

·       Transportation

·       General monthly living expenses

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