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Andrew Graham is an American songwriter and recording artist, born on June 13, 1986 in his parents’ living room in Lenox, Ohio.  His early musical exploits revolved around a collaboration with the drummer Sean Leary, with whom he has often reunited — first in 2007 for the creation of Flagships, the first album by RTFO Bandwagon, and once again in July 2010 for the first Swarming Branch tour.

Graham focused heavily on folk music until 2008, when he developed associations with Psychedelic Horseshit and Kevin DeBroux of Pink Reason.  Their genre-defying infusion of the punk aesthetic into songs of varying tempos and moods inspired him to develop RTFO Bandwagon into a louder and more erratic band. Enter pianist Dane Terry, who lent his madcap key sounds to Dums Will Survive, RTFO Bandwagon’s sophomore LP.

RTFO Bandwagon peaceably dissolved shortly thereafter, providing the opportunity for Graham to develop his skills as a record producer.  Instead of forming a new band with set membership, he brought musicians into his home studio one by one to play specific parts.  The result was Andrew Graham’s Good Word, and the band is called Swarming Branch, a reference to the nature of its membership, which is intentionally and perpetually in flux. Dane Terry appears on the keys once again, playing an essential, if more understated role.

Since the release of Good Word, the rotating cast of players has spun more slowly. Graham, Terry, and drummer Gentleman All-Star Sean Leary now handle most of the recording and performance of the songs, both old and new. A second LP, Classic Glass, was released in May 2013, followed closely by the “Rock and Roll #61” single (Dec. ‘13, produced by Rob Barbato).

Other musicians who have contributed to recordings or performances with the group include:

Ryan Jewell * Julian Dassai * Tony Henley * Chris Burney * Hannah Givler * Matt Opachick * Lindsay Ciulla * Larry Marotta* Michael Kohn * Sven Kahns * Adam Nedrow * Counterfeit Madison * Kentussin Lee

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