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Marina Rocks — Marina is the FIRST PLACE WINNER of the B.W. Stevenson Songwriters Competition and one of our favorite people in the world… Does size matter? Dynamite comes in small packages, and Marina is a little blond chick that weighs in at a mere 100 lb. plus tax. The size that matters here is the size of Marina`s heart- it is as big as Texas (which just happens to be her born-and-raised home state). Her super-sized heart beats in the chest of a beautiful, young woman on a mission to open your mind and rock your world!

You can look at her guitar to see just how passionate she is about her music. She wrote a song called “Wyllie Whole” that refers to the  life of a musician and about her and Wyllie’s holes. She is awesome and worth every effort you have to take to get here.

Marina has just completed her new CD “Onward”. Marina is such a dynamic writer musician and performer. Can’t miss this performance!!
Charles Bryant is a singer-songwriter with a unique Americana style.
A life long battle with panic attacks and agoraphobia has helped shape him as an artist. Charles’ music is thoughtful, introspective, cynical, humorous and most importantly honest. After more than 30 years of performing primarily for family and friends life-altering experience came in 2010 that motivated him to start performing publicly.
Charles is now performing throughout the Greater-Houston area exciting audiences with his thought provoking song lyrics and high energy guitar, banjo and harmonica playing. Charles is not slowing down; his ever evolving style and new songs make every performance better than the last.
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