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AL STAEHELY 2 18 2016

 Al Staehely has been writing and playing music for a long time. Born and raised in one of the world’s most influential music towns, Staehely often found great inspiration in the nooks and crannies of Austin’s musical landscape. His foray into instrumentation and songwriting began at an early age thanks in part to his mother’s love of good music. An injury in his early teens resulting from the intense heat of a typical Texas summer kept Staehely from further pursuing athletic endeavors. During the year that he was injured, Staehely began to channel his energy into making music. Armed with a guitar, on loan from a cousin who most likely saw Staehely’s true potential, he learned the chords for Ricky Nelson’s “Poor Little Fool” and from that moment forward his passion for making music grew.
In the early ‘70s, Staehely earned his JD from the University of Texas at Austin. Rather than jump straight into practicing law, Staehely opted instead to tuck away his law degree and hop on the first plane to Los Angeles where he joined the well-established ‘60s rock band Spirit. Staehely took on the role of the band’s front man, bassist, and principle songwriter. The Staehely-fronted incarnation of Spirit toured the world promoting their highly-acclaimed album Feedback. Once the band parted ways, Staehely and his also-musical brother wrote and released an album on Epic Records in 1973. From there Staehely continued to write songs and perform with a number of notable artists including John Cipollina and Nick Gravenites.

    Over the past few of decades, Staehely has collaborated with some of music’s greatest musicians. He has lent his signature sound to many an album and has had several of his own songs recorded by Keith Moon, Bobbie Gentry, Patti Dahlstrom, Nick Gravenites, John Cipollina, Marty Balin, Peter Cox, and Hodges, James & Smith.

Staehely has toured Europe, written songs, performed his work in front of thousands of people and still finds time to cultivate his solo career.


John Staehely is Al’s brother  and has played in Spirit, Jo Jo Gunne, & with Bob Dylan. He is one talented dude!!!

Evelyn Rubio


Evelyn Rubio Born in Mexico, raised in Neza City, this bi-lingual vocalist and sax player is ready to step out front with her command of the stage and solid credentials. At age nine she began her professional career in television and theater. Between school and performing she pursued dance and music and at age fifteen was supporting her family singing with live bands of many genres.
Later Evelyn took up saxophone and songwriting, recording. In 1999 she released the rock, funky, blues album “Evelyn Automarginados”. Over a five year period she divided her time between a 10 piece black-tie orchestra in Mexico City and a rocking blues band, Chivo Azul, in Playa del Carmen.
In the U.S. only a month, Evelyn signed a multi-year album deal with Calvin Owens on the Sawdust Alley label. Mr. Owens was B.B.Kings band leader for many years, lead trumpet, composer and arranger of the Grammy winning album Blues “N” Jazz on the MCA label. Mr. Owens produced an album on Evelyn (Evelyn Rubio, La Mujer que Canta Blues) but unfortunately passed after its release and was not promoted.
A second album in both English and Spanish is nearing completion and will be ready for release in May 2014.

Tentatively entitled “Hombres” this Blues and Jazz & Pop album will once again reunite Calvin and Evelyn and the Big Band. In 2009 Evelyn along with Rick Lee, represented Houston in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. She has jammed with the most talented musicians in Houston and performs and records with the legendary Al Staehely Jr. who along with John Staehely and Mark Andes played with the group “Spirit”. With drummer Mark Singer (Righteous Brothers) they comprise 10K HRS.


THE BOWDEN/EARLY EXPERIENCE: “Take a rock and roll lead guitarist turned mainstream musical comedian and add a Texas Bluegrass icon and homespun humorist for over 32 years and whadda you got? The recipe for pure-dee entertainment.”
Richard Bowden and John Early – two of the loaded weapons from Richard Bowden with Moon & the Starz step out as a duo offering an intimate look into their long- time separate and combined personal and musical friendships.
They grew up in East Texas separated only by a few miles and a few years, allowing for separate journeys but combined admiration and respect. They were well into the adulthood of their musical paths when they combined their tools for the first time to provide their friends and fans with a rewarding blend of influences and styles.
Whether in an up close and personal intimate setting of a house concert for a audience of 20 to 40, a family reunion, corporate function, festival, country club, or listening room, The Bowden/Early Experience will provide an excellent professional program.
Their two 45 minute sets feature a wide range of
genres which include: Bluegrass, Rock and Roll, Blues, Humor, and Gospel.
Both Richard and John connect with their audiences with amazing and often hilarious back-stories behind their songs from over 40 years (each) of road history for a one of a kind experience.

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