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Want to hear a good story? Listen to any Adam Carroll song. His Texas peers sure have, over and over again, and are quick to heap superlatives on a stoic artist whose compositions provide a solitary glimpse into a verdant imagination.

Jon Dee Graham says Carroll “may be the best songwriter that Texas ever produced,” while Robert Earl Keen proclaims, “If all were right with the world, Adam Carroll would be the Townes Van Zandt of our age.”

“His lyrics are like a good book: They take you somewhere and leave you better than they found you,” says Terri Hendrix.

Slaid Cleaves calls Carroll “the quintessential small-town songwriter,” adding, “Travel outside the cities of this country and you’ll recognize the barbecue-joint waitresses, the rice farmers, the karaoke singers, the black-flag pirates and the hi-fi lovers of this land–you’ll meet them all in Adam’s true-to-life songs.”

Now, with the release of two new albums–I Walked in Them Shoes is a solo effort, wile Good Farmer was recorded in tandem with his wife, Chris Carroll–there are more characters to meet, at once fascinating and familiar


For most kids, a broken radio in the family van might get in the way of singalongs. But Chris Carroll’s dad loved John Prine, and she’d fill the dead air with “Sam Stone,” entertaining a pair of younger brothers. A little sister followed years later. Carroll was born in Toronto, but grew up in St. Catharines. “We did a lot of camping; we made the best of it,” she says. “The north part of Ontario is breathtaking.”

Still, it wasn’t easy, and she had some things to overcome. In her mid-thirties she wound up caring for her grandmother until she died. Oma’s passing proved cataclysmic; she once told Carroll, “Nothing else makes you happy, so why don’t you just play your music?” So, says Carroll, “I decided to take a chance on my music at 36.”“I started booking gigs, it was wild,” she adds.

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