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  • December 21, 2016

Jared Thomas 8:30pm – 9:30pm

I write original music for licensing in TV, advertisements, film, video games, and other media. Much of my music is listed exclusively through Jingle Punks, and I also have music in non-exclusive libraries such as Music Dealers, Musync, and AudioMicro. Royalty-free libraries include AudioJungle, Pond5, LuckStock, SoundVault, and TuneFruit. Much of my music is listed under my company name, Tetrasound Productions. I also write arrangements of classical music in the public domain. All of the arrangements were made digitally with virtual orchestras. Some of them stay true to the original score, while others were arranged with different instrumentation.


Stewart’s sophomore album, City Fox, produced by George Reiff (Joe Walsh, Jacob Dylan, Chris Robinson), is the gem that came from a 2014 West Texas residency. Stewart lived and wrote in the dusty border town of Presidio while rebuilding a levee along the Rio Grande for the federal government. The record rings of a raw process. Stewart went west after finishing his first record Flagship because he was at a loss.

“I knew a metamorphosis had to occur for me to survive as an artist, I had to look at my process differently. Flagship took me eight years to write. I was an urban planner and ecologist working big infrastructure projects, writing plans, and working disaster recovery. I sent my rough songs to Kevin Russell (Shinyribs) in 2011 and he said he liked it and would work with me, I was certainly thrilled. Yet I simply didn’t know what to do after I finished Flagship, like now what? There were no more fish in that pond, it was empty and I didn’t exactly know how to find new waters, a lot of anxiety. So I looked for some time away from this noise, it was a creative experiment of sorts. I rode a lot of horses, I wanted a different heat for my songwriting alchemy.”

City Fox was written in eight months. “There was a lot of Interstate 10 in my life again, but this time it was west. “American Crow” came from all that road cutting through so many regions. Those common birds fly over you the whole way. They really take me back to laying under pine trees as a kid in Houston, there is something comforting about seeing and hearing them. I started there and looked for some beauty or nuance. Every West Texas town has a couple places of refuge to fall into for beer, laundry, shade or quick poetry. That’s how I collected much of this record, lattes and lone stars. The song “3 % Prophet” marks a reckoning for me of the death and renewal process in creating.  This was an important record for me in that regard.”

“I called George Reiff from West Texas, we had worked on Flagship together. I told him I was working through some interesting and different songs and that they were taking shape as a collection. I asked him if he would put a studio band together when I returned. He pulled in some of the best guys in Texas: Bukka Allen (Ryan Bingham, Jack Ingram), Chris Searles (Alejandro Escovedo, David Garza), Geoff Queen (Kelly Willis, Hayes Carll), and George himself on bass. Very creative and talented guys who were great to work with. We did the record in 5 days over two sessions, mostly live. My goal was for more expression on this album, and to understand my process a little better. West Texas is great when you are looking for something. If you have enough time, you’ll find it.”

Stewart’s goal at the moment is to continue making records and to tour, either solo or with a band.

DEM 11pm – 12am

Reggae / Rocksteady / Dub

Los Dientes 12:15 – ???

Music is a strange ride. I started with metal then ended up singing some country songs. Evolution is always happening who knows what i will be playing next. I just know it will be fun to do

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