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Houston favorite, Matt Harlan is a troubadour of the first degree, bringing his handcrafted songs to stages across his home state of Texas, the USA and Europe.

Recording and releasing new collections every few years, his first four studio albums drew ample praise from national and international Americana music lovers – landing in ears and on charts – setting the stage for the 2019 release of “Best Beasts” his fifth (and possibly best) record to date.

Harlan is a winner of multiple songwriting accolades, from outfits like American Songwriter, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Billboard. He was even named Singer-Songwriter of the Year in the 2013 Texas Music Awards and featured alongside a stellar cast of characters (Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark) in the documentary, “For the Sake of the Song.”


A revelation! The steady pendulum of a land oil rig. He is tapped inspiration. He swings between misery & pride exploring the complexities inherent in the immorality of capitalism and the individual purpose found in one’s work. With uncanny awareness, he knows the exact point where two disparate paradigms collide. He speaks of the greater implications of our reliance on fossil fuels, corrupt political leaders, and fear. Even as he tackles such heaviness, the songs are boisterous and driving. The perfect rallying cry for humanity from the heart of a working man.

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