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Tommy was raised in Alvin, Tx, learning jazz trumpet from professionals, including Dick Frerking. He taught himself to play guitar (mostly to impress a cute John Denver fan) after moving to Iowa, became involved in the local scene, and eventually joined Rick Burke’s Traveling Music Show and Review in 2012. He and Kevin Lindgren met while both were part of Rick’s convoy, and broke out to start Lindgren and Lewis. LnL was named “one of the best new bands on 2013” by music review “The Insider Sessions” and performed in Nashville, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Des Moines, Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. 

Learning songwriting and performing from craftsmen like F. Charles Persall, Chad Elliott, and Rick Burke, Tommy quit his job as a professor at Graceland University and struck out as a traveling folk singer, playing over 200 shows a year, sometimes over 250. When asked by the Anamosa Journal what he called his music he replied, “It’s folk music I think. If it makes people dig a little deeper into themselves, or feel like someone else knows their life and their struggle, then I guess it is folk music.”
Some days Tommy lives in a small town west of Nashville, other days he lives in Alvin, Tx, and in between he can be found in the blue pontiac flying down the road. He enjoys fishing and writing, playing fiddle to the woods, and hiking the wilderness. 


Jimmy Pizzitola is a Houston based singer/songwriter, night-time landscaper, and lover of all things jellicle (except Cats).  His early musical influences, driven into his three year old skull while being held captive in the back of a 1968 blue Malibu by his carpool-driving mother, were the singer-songwriters of the 1970’s.  Between dropping off and picking up siblings and assorted neighborhood ruffians, Jimmy was force-fed Jim Croce, Neil Young, James Taylor, Gerry Rafferty, and of course, Der Weinershnitzel corn dogs.  Come weekend, he would often head out to South Texas with his father and grandfather to shoot at things.  Sitting on the console of a Ford Bronco, squeezed in between stacks of 8-tracks and bottles of V.O., he would sing along with Waylon, Willie, Hank Williams (Jr. and Sr.) Don Williams, and other country-fried offerings of the time.

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