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Born in Houston, Texas, August 24, 1978, Robert’s been around. At the age of eighteen Robert, left Houston for Bucknell University in Pennsylvania where he received a scholarship to play football. He suffered through three tough years as an undersized Linebacker before injury allowed him to focus on his studies: music, literature and mathematics. He wanted to be a poet.
After University, Robert began the life of a vagabond artist. He worked and travelled through Pennsylvania, New York and back down to Texas before buying a one way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina in September of 2001. His adventures carried him through Chile, where he stayed a year as a teacher, agriculturist, writer, puppeteer and musician. He slowly travelled North through Chile and traversed South and Central America. A year passed in Costa Rica, several months in Colombia and finally he settled on the Autonomous Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua where for six years made life as an independent fisherman, farmer, builder and artist.
Robert returned again to Texas in 2010, broke and beat. He found work in Houston at a shirt factory during the days and learned the trade of a musician in the nights. The music eventually took over and he is making a website right now. He currently resides in Galveston, Texas, writing, playing music, spending time with the sea and tackling other odd jobs.

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