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SZLACHETKA (pronounced SLA-HET-KA) draws your gaze back to a simpler time when music was less about stylized production and more about its experiential nature. His songwriting finds inspiration in the threads that connect us, weaving a tapestry of familiar moments that pay homage to the past while leaning into a future that promises both wonder and grace.

Now based in Nashville, SZLACHETKA grew up in New England and began his career as the frontman for the acclaimed roots-rock band, The Northstar Session, with whom he recorded five albums and appeared in the second season of NBC’s “Parenthood”. After nearly a decade of touring he left the band and struck out on his own, releasing his first solo album in 2014, “Waits for a Storm to Find”. SZLACHETKA’s sophomore album (produced by Grammy winning producer David Bianco), “Heart of my Hometown” was released in early 2018.

SZLACHETKA continues to tour nationally with a schedule that’s seen him open for Brandy Clark, the Byrds’ Chris Hillman, the Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell, Brandi Carlile and more.


Writers of all stripes are often told to “write what they know.” For Nashville songwriter Hunter Tynan Davis, that opens up a whole lot of territory fertile for musical ideas. On his new album Ferris Wheel, produced by Wilco’s Ken Coomer, Davis offers up a stirring collection of songs that draw from his myriad eclectic influences, both musical and familial.

The son of “basically just two hippies,” as he puts it, Davis was born on the Gulf of Mexico and grew up alongside his parents and grandfather on his grandfather’s shrimp boat. The family eventually made semi-permanent landfall in southeast Texas, following in the footsteps of five generations before them.

Shrimping is just one piece of what Davis calls “his Forrest Gump story.” His paternal grandfather, Walter Buddy Davis, played professional basketball in the NBA and won the gold medal in the men’s high jump at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland, despite having polio as a child and being told he’d never walk. His father played basketball in Alaska and Hawaii before moving back to Texas, where he’d both earn a cut (“A Candle Burns in the Window of My Heart”) as a songwriter and work his way from bus driver to district lead for Texas congressman Charlie Wilson.

The younger Davis would go on to play division one college football, eventually deciding music was his true calling and heading back to Texas to pursue a degree in music. In 2011, Davis moved to Nashville and enrolled at Tennessee State University, where he began playing in blues trios and pursuing his musical passions in earnest.

“When I started songwriting, it was like I was taking over the family business,” Davis says. “It was very seamless in its transition.”

Davis is a “singer-songrocker,” a term he coined to better represent himself as a songwriter, musician, and performer. “Singer-songwriter portrayed it in too soft a light,” he says laughing. “So I came up with singer-songrocker. That’s my genre.”

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