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 Multicultural poet and musician Robert Kuhn was born in Houston, Texas and moved back in 2010 after bouncing around the world for twelve years. Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua all played home for him as different doors, jobs, occupations and art forms opened and led him on from an Academic All-American Line Backer to a vagabond fisherman farmer writing the critically acclaimed songs he has carried throughout the Americas. Broken hearts, broken backs, failed marriages, violence, riches, drugs, labor, poverty, music, poetry, dirt and salt; so it goes and continues.

Back in Houston, Robert joined forces with like-minded musicians (including extraterrestrial ancient bluesman Little Joe Washington) and recorded the album “Everybody Knows”. It was Little Joe’s last studio work and recognized by the press as one of Houston’s Top Releases of 2014. The latest album, “Maria the Gun” is scheduled for release in August of 2017.

Robert currently lives in Galveston, Houston and on the road through the Americas where he is still sharing the unique and philosophical independent folk, blues and multilingual psyche-rock and roll Americana music that he writes and finds. It is honest at the least and esoteric at its best.



Texas born, and Austin-based, Justin Stewart tends to write about the places he inhabits. He grew up splitting his time between Houston and Galveston Island.  Family vacations were not to Colorado like many Texans, but to the more “modest” Austin, which his mother liked best because “the air and water were cleaner.” From an early age, Justin knew he would never leave Texas and likely land in Austin.

Stewart experimented in bands through college (Last Free Exit) and grad school (Buicks) but it wasn’t until he lived on Galveston Island after Hurricane Ike that a vast voice surfaced. “The landscape I knew so well had this void and sadness that allowed me to fill it with song. It was a dark time for me but the important thing was that I was moving. Playing solo was the way forward.” Stewart’s first solo record, Flagship (2013) was produced by Kevin Russell (Shinyribs/Gourds).

A bit of intimidating praise came Stewart’s way when Russell called the record “remarkable or extraordinary,” Stewart’s response: “That kinda scared me because I did not have my process down to maintain such vulnerability.”

Stewart’s sophomore album, City Fox (2015) was produced by George Reiff (Joe Walsh, Jacob Dylan, Chris Robinson), and is the gem that came from a 2014 west Texas residency. Stewart lived and wrote in the dusty border town of Presidio. Stewart went west after finishing his first record Flagship to write. The record rings of a raw “process” possibly inspired, in part, by the raw terrain and expansive skyline.

“I knew a metamorphosis had to occur for me to develop as an artist. I started working at the piano more and my writing opened up. I rode a lot of horses in West Texas, one in particular that helped me on my way. It became clear that I needed to make another record. I found some reins, so to speak. That’s my unsolicited advice for writers on the edge of something, make records and make a lot of them.”

Stewart’s third record, Renaissance is being produced by Stephen Belans (Radney Foster, Billy Cassis). Players include Bukka Allen on keys (Ryan Bingham, Jack Ingram), Chris Searles on drums (Alejandro Escovedo, Shawn Colvin), Geoff Queen on guitars and pedal steel (Kelly Willis, Randy Rodgers), and John Mike on bass (Hayes Carll, Ray Wylie Hubbard). The February 2017 session was held at Ronjo Studio. Jim Vollentine was on engineering.  The record will be released in the late fall of 2017.

“I wrote this record from my 100-year-old house in East Austin, an encouraging first for me. The songs lined up rather quickly and seemed assessable and relevant. During the recording session, I was on a little wall-piano and that opened up my voice some. We recorded it live, with everyone in the same room. It was a great vibe. Working with Stephen is great.  All those guys are about the higher song, and idiosyncrasies that make your music unique. Those are the same things that make you want to keep writing and give you faith in artistic longevity.”

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