1. What time do we open?

7:00 pm Wednesday and Thursday for Open Mic, and 8:00 pm on any day we have shows (usually Friday and Saturday, but sometimes other days of the week).

2. What time do the shows start?

8:30 pm, sometimes 9:00. It depends on if there is an opener or not, and/or what time the artist wants to start.

3. Do we serve food?

     We have bar snacks for a $1 (pretzels,  Chex Mix, peanuts, etc.)

4. Do we accept credit cards?


5. Is seating first come, first served?

Some of the smaller less crowded shows are first come first serve. Any show with online ticket sales will have reserved seating and limited tables. People are seated by ticket purchase date, starting at the front of the stage and working back. We suggest buying online and early to assure a prime spot for the show.

6. Do we take reservations?

Yes, but we only hold the seats until 8:30pm. You can specify your arrival time to hold your seats, but if you are not here by that time, your seats will be released for purchase.

7. Do we serve liquor?

No, we only serve beer and wine. You can bring your own bottle, but you will be charged a corkage fee of $15.

8. How do I book my band?

Please e-mail: Booking – DO NOT E-MAIL RESERVATIONS!! Your e-mail will be ignored.

9. What is Listening Room etiquette?

The Old Quarter is considered a “Listening Room”. During artist performance we ask that you refrain from loud conversations and phone calls. Please refrain from yelling out to the artist between songs. We ask this out of respect for the Artist and other patrons watching the show. You may take your drink outside to smoke, use the phone or talk.



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